The Rotary Club of Unley in co-operation with the Unley Road Association are again, for the fourth year, holding the Unley Road “Small Business and Pride of Workmanship Awards”.  This year, for the second year, we are including the “Age Friendly Business” award.

These awards are designed to recognise the best business in the precinct, the most supportive business to our older residents and to acknowledge and reward the best of their staffs.  The latter acknowledging their dedication to serving the public of Unley and its surrounds and their support for these local businesses.   The Pride of Workmanship awards are presented to a number of categories of business with and overall award to the highest achiever.

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Nominations close at 5pm October 1 2019.  


Small Business Award 

Unley Road businesses will be invited to apply and to encourage their customers to vote for them.  The award will be made to the business, which in the opinion of the judges provides:

  • Excellence in Customer Service and satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Display the qualities of a good employer, e.g., Equal opportunity, Fair and Equitable, Good Communication, etc.)
  • Value for money.

Click here to nominate a business for the Small Business Award


Age Friendly Business

The award will go to the business which, in the opinion of the judges, treats its senior or disabled citizens in the best manner, including:

  • Service, e.g., delivery or other mechanisms.
  • Support facilities, e.g., seating, ramps, etc.
  • Customer Service.
  • Discounts, etc.

Click here to nominate a business for an Age Friendly Business Award


Pride of Workmanship

Owners/Management & Customers of businesses in the Unley Road precinct will be invited to nominate members of staff for the Pride of Workmanship Award in the following categories:

  • Best Hair, Beauty and Massage
  • Best Bar, Restaurant, Café or food and beverage outlet
  • Best Retail – Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery and Accessories
  • Best Retail – General for businesses not included above.
  • Best Health and Fitness
  • Best Service Provider, e.g., medical, legal, real estate, etc.


The award will be made to one of those nominated in each category, which, in the opinion of the judges provide:

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Professional Presentation
  • Good knowledge of the business and the services provided
  • Innovation
  • Demonstrate that they are good citizens of Unley

Cilck here to nominate an Unley Road business employee for the Pride of Workmanship Award


Nominations close at 5pm October 1 2019.  


Printable Nomination form can be downloaded below

Pride of Workmanship printable nomination

Small Business printable nomination

Age Friendly printable nomination

To submit these, please drop them into the City of Unley Council office – Attention Akarra Klinberg no later than 5pm October 1 2019.

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